Fitness For The Long Haul

Fitness For The Long Haul

When talking about fitness for the long run there is one thing that gets overlooked more often than not, and it keeps people from progressing and training safely. Mastering the basics. As boring as it sounds, learning how to move appropriately and safely is your best bet to staying injury free and progressing through your fitness long-term.

Too many times we get excited with a new fitness program we’ve just discovered, and want to go hard FAST. This will work out pretty well in the beginning thanks to “beginner gains”. But after a few weeks and some adaptation, your body will experience less changes and the inevitable plateau will creep in. It is at this point that many people believe that if they do more reps, go heavier, or workout twice as much that the gains will come pouring in again. This may be the case initially, but very briefly.

Before long after ramping up your volume and intensity inadequately, your body will fail to adapt (recover) in time to keep up with your new workload. You will instead begin to feel tired sooner and more often, you will not be able to maintain the intensity that you once did, and you will even begin to lose strength. On top of all this, if you have poor movement mechanics from the start, injuries will be your next stop.

There’s few things worse than an overworked, poorly scaled athlete that does not have proper movement mechanics. We’ve all seen the reels, toks, and what nots of people “working out” in the gym. Many funny videos, some of them acted no doubt, but nonetheless a lot of poor cringy movement. This is not meant to bash on any of these athletes, this is meant to highlight the importance of learning how to move well, and keep working on your craft always.

If you are confident in your ability to exercise properly and feel like you have mastered it all, I urge you to find a coach who will help you find faults in your technique and help you improve them. This can be the difference between improving and staying stuck in a plateau, or even worse, getting injured.

This will require a few things from both you and your coach:


  • Humility (Be coachable)
  • Desire (Actually want to improve)
  • Discipline (Keep showing up)


  • Humility (Coach respectfully and patiently)
  • Desire (Truly enjoying the art of coaching)
  • Discipline (Walk the walk, lead by example)

In Crossfit Phoenix 815 we begin all new athletes with our OnRamp Program where they go through five 1-on-1 sessions with one of our coaches. This is where they are introduced to the fundamentals of our training and begin their fitness journey. Through proper movement mechanics and attention from our coaches these athletes are set for success in the years to come. If you’re ready to get started go to and book your Free Intro.

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