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An Attitude of BadAssitude

Recently I overheard a couple of my lovely CrossFit ladies talking about how they haven’t been able to channel their inner bad-asses. There are two things wrong here: 1. I shouldn’t eavesdrop on other people’s conversations and 2. These two particular women are some of the baddest CrossFit ladies I know.

However, I totally relate to that feeling. So often I get to the box and I’m tired and sweating from being in a hot warehouse all day, worrying about this or that and usually hungry. The last thing I feel like is a bad ass. But those 2 ladies, among all the other athletes I Crossfit with, really help alleviate that feeling.

We walk around all day carrying our baggage of insecurity, fear, worry and anxiety (oh… I’m the only one..) and Crossfit is one of the few places we can drop that nonsense. We exchange our mental and emotional baggage for deadlifts and farmer carries. After a good, hard WOD (always sounds so dirty), that feeling of bad-assery washes over me and I’m transformed into a mightier, stronger version of myself I didn’t know existed without Crossfit.

So, to my those two bad-ass women and all the other athletes feeling less than bad-ass, we’re in this together. And I believe my CrossFit family are the baddest of the bunch.

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