Best Time To Begin Fitness

When is the best time to start your fitness journey? Some will say that hen you’re born, others will say 10 years ago, and others might even say there is no best time. I believe they are all wrong. To say that the best time to begin one’s fitness journey at birth is pretty ridiculous given the fact that you have zero cognitive function other than survival human instincts. To say the best time to begin a fitness journey 10 years ago is also quite irrational given that time traveling is not yet an accessible service to the average human being (or any human being). And to say there is no best time really takes credit away from the actual best time to begin your fitness journey.

The best time to begin your fitness journey is right now. This very moment is the best time, because it is the only moment that exists in real time. It is the only moment where you have actual control of your decisions. It may be 3:22 am and you may have just devoured a large Dominoe’s pizza all on your own while binge watching Game Of Thrones. But still, it continues to be the best time in the universe to begin your fitness journey.

Your fitness journey will not begin with your first squat, your first veggie, or even your first meditation session. It will begin with your first decision. The decision to take that next step, and immediately taking the step. Whether that looks like googling at-home workouts, contacting a local nutritionist, or running to your nearest yoga studio and getting your zen on. Your fitness journey begins when you decide to begin it, and follow up with your decision, consistently. The best time to do that? Now.

It is important to note that even if you already regularly exercise, and possibly have a pretty clean diet, and even actively commit to your recovery (which I honestly doubt), you are not done. There is always a step further that you can take to reach your health and fitness goals. Right now is still the best time to take those new steps which will speed up your progress. 

You are never truly done, and that’s the beauty of it. Look at your goals like milestones. Each time you hit one, have the next few ready, and continue working towards them. And whether you are deciding to get off the couch or beginning a meal prep routine, the advice is the same: Start Now.

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