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Everything Affects Everything

The human body is a complex system. Meaning that it is composed of a number of different parts working together in order to achieve a desired outcome, or a few of them. Airplanes, computers, cars, among others are all examples of complex systems. The human

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Achieving The Intended Stimulus

Achieving The Intended Stimulus Whether you’re new to Crossfit or you’ve been throwing weights around shirtless for over a decade, you’ve definitely heard of the coveted ‘Rx’. It is the Prescribed Workout (Rx) that many athletes aspire to perform and be on top of the

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The Best Diet What’s the best diet? The one that works for YOU. The best diet will move you closer to your goals, and just as importantly will be sustainable (long term). If that means fasting for you, great! If that means paleo, vegan, carnivore,

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