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Why You Should Compete in the Crossfit Open

Every year you hear people debating whether or not to compete in the Worldwide Crossfit Open. And every year you hear many good reasons to do so, and a few good reasons not to do so. The one thing I have never heard is anyone

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Why You Should Not Compete In The Crossfit Open

Why You Should Not Compete In The Crossfit Open The date is January 19, 2023 and we are officially 28 days from the 2023 No Bull Crossfit Games Open Competition. A question that gets asked every year is, “Should I, or should I not compete

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How To Make Exercise A Permanent Habit

Making Exercise A Permanent Habit Most of us know by now how important regular physical activity is to human health. Most of us also know that making any change in our lifestyle can be a challenging road. It’s hard to change the way we do

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