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The Formula For Long-Term Health (Nutrition)

The Formula For Long-Term Health (Nutrition) Google “The Perfect Diet” (I just did). As I scrolled through the various results on the first page I found nothing very specific and nothing too new. It’s mostly “Eat nutrients. Eat proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.”

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The Formula For Long-Term Health (Exercise)

The Formula For Long-Term Health As our world becomes more technologically advanced, our lives become easier (sort of). In the past human beings struggled to live longer. In the present human beings are struggling to live better. We are quickly learning that the sooner we

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Olympic Lifting Program (Snatch Cycle)

Olympic Lifting Program We are almost halfway through our 16-week Olympic Lifting Program at Crossfit Phoenix 815. In less than 8-weeks we have seen tremendous improvement in technique from athletes and most of them have already hit Personal Records in their lifts while also gaining

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