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Crossfit Phoenix 815 vs. Traditional Gym

Traditional Gym vs. Crossfit Phoenix 815 Are you looking to improving your health and fitness? Are you thinking about joining a gym? If so, which gym, or even what type of gym? If this is the case, hang on to your protein shakes and multivitamins

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Achieving Lasting Change

How To Achieve Lasting Change “I’m going to drastically change my life for the better. I will stop eating junk food, I will eat vegetables with every meal. I will exercise 5 times per week, and meditate daily… Starting tomorrow”. How many times have you

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Taylor’s Crossfit Story

I started at CrossFit Phoenix about 6 weeks after having my second baby and have been showing up almost every day since. Prior to pregnancy,  I worked out daily at a local large gym and did a variety of classes and weightlifting on my own. 

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