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Catch the Buzz
“Hey, man, you wanna get high? I found this incredible new shit and it’s amazing. It gives you that euphoric exhilarating sensation, expands your consciousness, makes your heart race and, you know what, it’s safe!”
’WHAT?!? Seriously, dude? How can this new shit be safe? I mean, yeah, I’ll try it anyway but how is it safe?’
“Man, it’s like organic, holistic and locally sourced. Seriously it’s the safest shit out there right now.”
‘Psst. I totally don’t believe you, dude. How can it be locally sourced? Is someone making it their basement around here? That doesn’t sound safe at all. I don’t know about all that.’
“No man. I mean I guess some people do it their garages. Maybe their basements but the ceilings would probably be too low…” (thinks for a minute) “I mean, c’mon, man, you gotta do it with me. It’ll change your life!”
Wait, ceilings too low? Whats that got to do with anything? Have you done this shit before? You’re crazy, dude! You were always one to do the crazy shit. Anyway, yeah, I’ll try it with you. Just don’t let me freak out.’
“Man, you’re gonna love it. If you do it long enough, you’ll be ripped. Give it 6 months. You’re mind will be blown!”
‘Wait, dude…Six months?! Now Im really confused.’
Asking the question “Can exercise get you high?” on the Googles, said “Feeling blissful is not just about endorphins, the painkilling hormones proven to bring on pleasure. In fact, recent studies show that at least two other compounds contribute to the buzz. The MVP is endocannabinoids, lipid molecules that help regulate pain and mood and that our brain processes in almost the same way that it does cannabinoids, the chemicals that cause the marijuana high.” (Oct 14, 2016)
My good friend is often telling me of the ‘runners high’. That ephemeral glow that I have yet to experience from running. Anytime I run all I can think is if someone were chasing me, I would just turn around and hand them my phone and what little money I had. However I have had this experience after an intense, sweaty WOD. The feeling of exhaustion plus exhilaration plus victory with a side of nausea. The intensity is intoxicating to me. A few times it lasted for a couple days!
I’m always looking for new ways to expand my consciousness on an organic and holistic level. Whether it’s deep meditation, listening to Amazonian tribe chanting or burning out at a CrossFit class, these are the things I have found to get me out of the insanity of my thinking and put me in the present moment. Even if the present moment is 30 grueling box-jumps burpees.
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