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Chiropractic Benefits and CrossFit: Part One

After my low back injury last March, I started seeing Dr. Emily and Dr. Josh at Crystal Lake Family Wellness office. I’ve seen a handful of chiropractors throughout my adult life and have had varied success. Ultimately, though, my back or shoulder would flare up again and again.

I committed to seeing Dr. E and Dr. J three times a week for 3 months after they x-rayed my curvy spine and kinked neck. They had me doing some interesting therapies that, upon first trying them, I thought strange, like a medieval confessional. Wobbling on an inflatable cushion with weights velcro-ed to my head and squatting on a vibrating table with my neck in a foam strap. My favorite, however, is the glorious, relaxing roller table. That I could do for hours!

Now, almost 3 months later, my body feels fantastic. I’m sleeping better, my mind feels clearer and my overall health is optimal. They worked their chiropractic magic and I couldn’t be more grateful. I feel like I can move with confidence and ease, especially at CrossFit.

This got me thinking: How exactly does chiropractic care and Crossfit coincide? I took to the experts, Dr. Emily and Dr. Josh, because not only are they the most astute chiropractors, they’re also fierce crossfit athletes.

My first question to Dr. Josh was ‘what are some of the benefits of chiropractic when crossfitting?’

His response was this: “Most people are familiar with how chiropractic can provide natural pain relief, but that is really just touching the surface. Chiropractic works by clearing the communication pathways (your nerves), between your brain and the rest of your body. This means simply put that your body works better. Benefits most people notice initially when we start working with people would be sleeping better, reduction in hypertension, improved digestion, clarity in thought, and improved core stability. This is why so many professional athletes including games level crossfit athletes include regular chiropractic care in their health regimen. An athlete who is sleeping better, digesting better, and stabilizing better is able to train harder, recover more efficiently, and even prevent injury.”

Clearly, after learning this, why wouldn’t all of us be taking advantage of chiropractic? There are so many benefits and this is only part one, everybody!

Next week we’ll learn how chiropractic care impacts our Crossfitting abilities.

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