Crossfit Phoenix 815 Mission, Vision, And Values

Crossfit Phoenix 815 Mission, Vision, and Values.

In Crossfit, “Community” is a word that gets thrown around quite frequently. Even though it is the same word being used repetitively by many different gyms, it may carry a particular meaning to each gym individually. There are many communities in the world, and each have their own set of values that bind them together. The same is true for Crossfit affiliates around the world. While we mostly practice the same fitness methodology, each community is unique within itself.

At Crossfit Phoenix 815 we share a common Vision (our why), that we set out to accomplish using our unique Mission (our how), which is all guided with our set of core Values (our values).

It is our mission to provide the people of McHenry County a clear path to adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will drastically improve their quality of life (physically, mentally, and emotionally). We strongly believe that for every person who adopts a healthy lifestyle, at least five others are likely to follow their lead. We believe this, because we’ve seen it and lived it, just ask any of our coaches and members.

We will achieve our mission by creating a welcoming environment in which both athletes and coaches alike can work to achieve their personal fitness and career goals, respectively. This is our vision.

When we are faced with adversity, at first it might seem tough to handle, but when we use our values as our guide, decision making becomes easy. At Crossfit Phoenix 815 we value:

  • Autonomy
  • Commitment
  • Community (Friendship)
  • Determination (Hunger)
  • Empathy (Kindness)
  • Happiness
  • Respect

If you get to experience our community, even just for a day, you will clearly see that we operate with these values as our guide.We are a committed community which respects one another and is determined to be kind and bring happiness to anyone who interacts with us. 

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