CrossFitters Will Survive Janice’s Blog!

CrossFitters Will Survive the Apocalypse.

Well, this is my theory in which I have absolutely no evidence. However, I have limited CrossFit experience which makes me something less than an expert.

And why do I think this, you ask? Well, based on the other athletes I crossfit with, there are some strong mamma-jammas! I don’t just mean physically strong either. Men and women that keep showing up even when faced with an injury, sickness, jet lag, ridiculous work hours or personal dramas and traumas.

Since my back injury, some of these people reached out to me to express sympathy with their own tales of woe. One of my favorite box ladies told me how she had broken her foot and that she was devastated that she couldn’t WOD with the best of them. Even though she shed many tears, she kept showing up and scaled the workouts to her ability. Another impeccably strong woman broke her wrist a year ago and just scaled everything one armed. You know, one arm push-ups, like you do…(wut!!) The same fierce woman recently had surgery on a pesky hip issue that had been troubling her for a couple years and she still came to the box to do what her doctor allowed. Finally, another fellow box mate, competition partner and overall bad-ass, showed up to our comp sick as a dog and absolutely crushed it. He committed and competed by any means necessary. Even if it meant being immensely uncomfortable. Might I add, his thrusters were a sight to behold. Seriously. Those are just handful of people I’ve seen firsthand.

Not only do these athletes show up and do the work, they also watch their diets and goals meticulously. Often I overhear conversations about ‘whey protein isolate’, minding what their objectives are and recent squat-clean PRs. They focus so intently on what they want to achieve long-term rather than short-term indulgences. What’s more, many of these athletes do more before 6am than most people do in a day.

Really, how am I a part of this?!? If you know me, you know I’m all about instant gratification (Did someone say pizza?). But what Crossfit has shown me and what fellow athletes have taught me is perseverance. We fight until the end, we submit to stanchless discomfort and we don’t lose sight of the big picture, whatever that might be. For some athletes it’s strength, and not just bulging biceps. It’s the strength to keep going whatever life tosses in their direction. For other athletes it’s the endurance of life. Such as, we have this body forever, let’s make sure it endures until we expire.

For me, though, it’s courage. Like facing something that can be intimidating or perilous (you know, a crowd of people or zombies) with audacity, tenacity and determination. Which is something ~Old Janice~ could only do with booze.

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