David Nabong Joins CrossFit Phoenix Staff

We are pleased to announce that David Nabong  is joining our coaching staff. David is a CrossFit junkie with a wealth of knowledge. He is a great addition. Welcome David!

What drew you to CrossFit? Sarah, Ethan and I used to ride our bikes downtown for pizza at Georgio’s, one time we were in there and it was on the TV. I had never heard of it before, all I kept saying was what is this? The winter before I started was long and cold, I was tired of being a lump of dough, CrossFit had come up in a conversation and I decided to look into it. June 14, 2014 I started Onramp, I haven’t looked back.

What do you like most about CrossFit?  I love the intensity. CrossFit is going to be exactly what you need it to be be based on what you put into it. I could never do what we do in CF if I had to figure it out on my own.

What are your interests outside of CrossFit? It’s kinda boring, but I really like plants, and fish.

Professional and coaching experience: I coached U10 soccer with a few friends while in High School and when Ethan was little, and formerly was P.S.I.A. Level 1 Alpine Ski Instructor. I received my CF L1 in October 2017, and just received my Aerobic Capacity certificate. Professionally, I have been in the horticulture industry for 20 years and have held several certifications and endorsements; and I teach as an adjunct at MCC one semester a year.

Athletic experience: I was an active kid, but didn’t do a lot of organized sports. I played some soccer in high school and ran track. I did competitive intramurals in college, and Ultimate, I’ve played a lot of Ultimate. Running was important to me for a long time, but nothing has ever stuck like CrossFit.

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