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There are some perks to working in a warehouse, believe it or not. One of them is being able to listen to podcasts while I’m unpacking boxes of shirts.

Today I listened to the Crossfit Podcast, episode 18.41 with Greg Glassman, the founder and CEO of Crossfit. They talked about Crossfit Health, mostly, and the importance of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. This got me thinking about the functional movement part as I was squatting to pick up shirts.

Everyday we move our bodies in an involuntary way and I believe we take that for granted. We bend, squat, lift, push, pull, reach, twist and sometimes we hurt ourselves in the process.

The beauty of Crossfit isn’t just the rippling muscles, added endurance and noticeable strength (although a fantastic side-effect.) It’s also the ability to go about our daily lives with ease.

Often I see the video snippets on Instagram showing Crossfit affiliates working with elderly clients. For example, I recently watched an 82 year old woman hold the hands of her coach while she squatted onto a box and stood back up. A movement any young, able-bodied person would do effortlessly. Another video showed an elderly woman and her coach practice a modified burpee, which was really just her being able to get up off of the floor unassisted. For those women and the countless other elderly athletes taking part in Crossfit, those movements mean independence. Think about how important these physical motions are at maintaining an independent lifestyle!

For instance, take the simple task of squatting to the lowest shelf level at grocery store. I did it with ease while the woman next to me couldn’t bend or squat to reach the items down there. She muttered to herself “Ugh!! I just can’t get down low enough!!” To look at her, she didn’t look physically incapable, but it made me feel bad that she was unable to move in such a way. (It did me feel extremely grateful I could move with ease!)

Crossfit isn’t just a means to get a good, sweaty workout or get washboard abs. It’s so much more than that. It’s movement, independence, ability, community and ideas. Crossfit Is Life!!

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