Goal Setting (Part I)

Goal Setting.

Where are you going? When will you get there? How do you know?

Goal setting is a valuable practice that is highly overlooked. I’m sure most of us have stumbled across the concept of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Goals. I wonder how many of us actually have applied the concept in real life, consistently.

Think about the last time you were inspired to make a great change in some aspect of your life. Whether the trigger came from a movie you watched, speech you heard, book you read, or any other medium of communication. At the moment you felt inspired and determined, as if nothing could get in your way to accomplish the task at hand. Then a few hours, days, or weeks go by and you’re exactly where you were before this burst of inspiration. 

This is because you were relying on emotion to fuel your journey. Sure the moment felt amazing, and the decision unwavering, but we can’t be so naive as to believe that unforeseen obstacles will not get in the way, that our emotions won’t change, or that we will not lose momentum at some point. This is where SMART Goals come in handy.

Whether we’re talking about a fitness goal, financial goal, work goal, relationship goal, etc. the SMART tool is useful. But before we can SMART up our goals, we need to know what they are! Too often we fall into a limbo that feels like a hamster wheel. We are running at full speed, but we are getting nowhere, and even worse we don’t even know where we want to go. 

It’s important to know what we want. It essentially gives our life its purpose. Imagine waking up tomorrow and getting in your car and just driving for 24 hours straight. With no destination in mind, just random turns, and unpaid tollways. Sure it might seem fun at first, it’s something new and different, but after a while it seems pointless (it kind of is). Even people that want to explore the country road tripping have a goal destination in mind, not just randomness, there’s purpose in their actions.

When you schedule a No Sweat Intro (NSI) at Crossfit Phoenix 815 the first thing we want to know is your name. The second thing we want to know is what your goals are. Because we are aware that everyone that walks through our door is an individual with specific needs and different life challenges. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for your fitness needs (the puns are free), and that you know how we plan on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

This is not like that temporary spike in motivation though. We continue to nurture your fitness journey with constant communication and progress measurement. Every quarter we will schedule a Goal Review Session with you in order to track progress (or lack of) and high-five or adjust course as needed. The point being that we understand a fitness journey is not a linear path, but one with many bumps and unexpected roadblocks along the way. No one can truly expect to have the same life circumstances today as they will in 3 years. As circumstances change, so will the strategy to achieve goals. And even more important, we have to make sure our goals remain the same. Do you have the same goals you had 15 years ago? Maybe yes, maybe no, but if the goals change so must the implemented strategy to achieve them.

If you’re wondering whether Crossfit Phoenix 815 is the right fit to achieve your fitness goals, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or schedule a No Sweat Intro to find out, it’s free!

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