How To Make Exercise A Permanent Habit

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Making Exercise A Permanent Habit

Most of us know by now how important regular physical activity is to human health. Most of us also know that making any change in our lifestyle can be a challenging road. It’s hard to change the way we do things because we’ve done them a certain way for so long. And the more time passes by doing the same things over and over, it will become increasingly difficult to change.

This can be good or bad. If you have unhealthy habits, it’ll be tough to get rid of them. If you have healthy habits already built up, it’ll be easier to maintain them. That means that when you have been exercising regularly and routinely for an extended period of time you will be more likely to keep it up, and less likely to stop doing it.

The toughest part is always getting started. The toughest way to do it, is to do it alone. The best way to do it is with a support system, and this is also the most probable way of achieving success. This can be as simple as working out with a buddy and keeping each other accountable, or playing a sport with a team of people who will expect you to show up, or hiring a professional to guide you along the way.

Most important of all is to take immediate action. Literally right now, stop reading this and text a friend to invite them to the gym, or contact a fitness professional that will help you achieve your goals. This will get you committed and the ball rolling in the right direction. Take the next two steps and start making exercise a permanent habit for the rest of your life:

1). Figure out what the biggest obstacle is between you and regularly working out. Figure out a way to make this obstacle as insignificant as possible.

Example: “Lack of time”

Solution: Using a calendar, make an hour by hour schedule of your month. Find gaps in your schedule. What days and times are you able to free up 30 minutes for exercise (walk, gym, calisthenics, etc.)? Schedule it, set reminders and alarms for it, invite an accountability buddy and stick to it.

2). Figure out what’s the most likely way you’ll stay committed and make it as accessible as possible.

Example: “I have a free hour after work to do whatever I want”

Solution: You already have the time and desire to become healthier, now just make it easy on you. Don’t go home. Find a gym that’s between your workplace and home and sign up. Go to this gym after work on your way home and get your workout in before allowing distractions to stop you. 

Both of these steps will take an extra effort from your part to be implemented. That’s okay, don’t stray away from something you want just because it becomes a tad more challenging. Stick to your guns and have the discipline to build these habits that will literally change your life for the better. If you need guidance, find professionals who are ready to help you.

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