Jennifer Nabong
“Amazing!!! Best thing I have ever joined and have done for my mind, body and soul!!!! Wonderful new friends, phenomenal coaches and owner – what more could you possibly ask for or want from your Box? Love CrossFit Phoenix!!!! Everyone should check it out – you have nothing to lose.”

Katie Lindquist  recommends CrossFit Phoenix 815-516-5064. ·
Crossfit Phoenix is one of the best Crossfit gyms that I have had the honor to be a part of. The owner treats everyone like his family and every single member is so inviting and kind. The programming is also amazing. It is challenging and fun at the same time. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone!! ❤️

Anthony Bileddo
“I am 48 years old and have been in all kinds of fitness related activities since I was born from weightlifting, team sports, martial arts etc. The staff and athletes at CrossFit Phoenix have me in the best shape of my life! It is an amazing and supportive community and the programming, diet and direction allows you to be as competitive and successful as you want be while maintaining a healthy and nurturing environment where all fitness levels are welcome from regional games athletes to grandmas.

Jen Hyde Natal reviewed CrossFit Phoenix 815-516-5064 — 5 star
This is hands down the best box I have ever dropped into. I come back here every time I’m in town. Everyone is so welcoming and always remembers me! A wonderful environment!

Steven Zonsius reviewed CrossFit Phoenix 815-516-5064 — 5 star
I was visiting the area from Arizona and decided to drop-in for a class on Friday morning. The facility was great, but the people and community were even better. Everyone was so welcoming and really made me feel at home. I loved it so much that I decided to go back for a second class on Saturday. The coaches took their time to explain the movements and Wayne was very responsive via email. I'd highly recommend whether you're looking for a home gym or visiting from out of town!

Janny Rebel
“I really enjoy the classes at CrossFit Phoenix. The coaches are highly skilled, extremely helpful and everyone is so friendly! I don’t get here as often as like because I work in Chicago, but when I’m home in the ‘burbs, I look forward to working out here. They’re fantastic!”

Mickey Mahler
“It is true CrossFit is for everyone. I am old and was in very sad shape when I started coming here! I got a knee replaced and came back to this awesome group of amazing people. I have made some great friends and have seen great gains in my physical abilities. Oh hell, I am doing great thanks to the awesome coaches and this amazingly motivating CrossFit family, yup family! Come on out and join us; you will never leave.”

Shaun Jozwiak
“Amazing gym, awesome coaches! If you’re wondering if CrossFit is for you this is the place to go to try it out.”

Marissa Manichia
“Great place to get motivated for a lifestyle change. Each day is different and helps push yourself. It’s addicting!”

Nick Magiera
“I was a college football player that hadn’t worked out since college… Obviously I was out of shape and needed serious help with my form and motivation. CrossFit Phoenix has seriously helped me get back into it! They have a very calm style of coaching and it’s been a great experience! I highly recommend this gym!”

Meg Rexroat
“CrossFit Phoenix is my home away from home. The people there make up my second family. The programming is amazing, the coaches pay close attention to everyone in class and correct with encouragement and knowledge, the community is like no other. If you are looking for a place where going to work out is of equal importance to seeing and hanging out with amazing friends, then check out this box. The members push each other where appropriate and understand that we are all on different paths to the same end goal…being fit, healthy, and mobile long into our advanced years. It’s like no other gym.”

Zak Dolezal
“I’ve been part of the CrossFit Phoenix family since its inception. I love the staff, and I love the friends I have made working out here. The classes are kept small which has helped me grow as an athlete and prevent injuries. Their motto that everyone is welcome is very true. The coaches and athletes are so welcoming.”

Emily Young
“I love this place. I have been going here since it opened! I think the coaching is wonderful and I’ve seen such huge gains since I started. It’s a great community with awesome people!”

David Nabong
“Outstanding intimate box with supportive and competitive community. Programming sensitive to the needs of all the athletes with sensible yet challenging WODs. Focused and earnest On Ramp/Foundations program will have you prepared to go full beast mode!”

Jeannie Korczak
“My second home, honestly couldn’t imagine my week without being at the gym at least once. Coaches are amazing and really know their stuff.”

Michael Bodi
“Just over 6 years ago I walked into CrossFit Phoenix and from that point on, I found my new life. CrossFit Phoenix at the time had coaches that changed my life and made me the best athlete, coach, person, and got me in the best shape of my life. With that I became top 100 of the fittest athletes in the world in 2013 and 2014. It made me want to do the same for others so I became a coach and every day I get to help improve people’s lives through fitness and to reach their ultimate goals. A better life through happiness, fitness and health is our goal. CrossFit is for everyone and that is the beauty of our sport :)”

Evan Kozlowski
“Only positives about this group – coaches and community. Knowledgeable, caring, and motivating coaches always checking form and keeping people safe. I was lucky enough to meet some great people during the early morning sessions — I had a great time and I recommend this box to anyone looking to give CrossFit a try. Thank you Luis, Emily, Mike, and Wayne.”

Emily Zimmerman
“Went there for Festivus games; the coaches were so accommodating, everything was extremely organized, and it was a great experience and a lot of fun.”

Alison Cipri
“Love it!!!”

Josh Young
“Great community, knowledgeable coaching, and fantastic Coaching
CrossFit Phoenix 815
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