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Like most people, I try to live my  life with little regrets. A few missed opportunities here and there aren’t enough to keep me from losing sleep however, I do regret getting rid of my 2004 Honda Element which I had just paid off. But, overall, I am fairly confident in my day to day choices. 

Typically when I don’t get to the box 3 or 4 times a week, I get down on myself. I beat myself up over not working hard enough, not being athletic enough and not performing well. CrossFit is me to what church is to some people, a staple that cannot be missed under any circumstances.

But this week was different. Maybe it was the looming time change which always messes with me and the fact it’s dark when I wake and dark when I get home from work. Perhaps it’s because I am overbooking myself. Work, clients, Crossfit, meetings, day-to-day adulting and so on. 

So this week I took off Crossfit. Of course I had good intentions to go when I could but either my client schedule got in the way, Halloween trick-or-treaters were going to make the dog’s head explode or I unintentionally slept 15 hours (true story bro). I am also going through a sugar detox, which is on par with kicking recreational stimulants. 

The weirdest part of all this, and maybe this has to do with some dietary lifestyle changes, I have lost a couple pounds and feel less inflamed. Some fellow cross fitters have mentioned its good to take a respite every few months or so but I never took their advice. I’ve missed a few consecutive days here and there but the last time I missed a full week was last spring when I jacked up my back. And because I was in so much pain from the back trauma, I couldn’t appreciate the time off that I had. 

This week was different though. I really feel like I got to connect with some of the people close to me outside of Crossfit, I got some much needed rest and I was able to focus on the things that I am currently striving for, such as quitting sugar and smoking. I mean, what is the point of crossfitting if I’m still guzzling chocolate syrup and smoking? Am I right?!? 

I will be honest though, I feel a case of the crazies brewing in my brain parts that need movement to feel better. One of the gifts of CrossFit has been recognizing that movement is medicine both physically and mentally. I might go insane if I don’t shake my butt here in a few minutes. It’s a good thing you can do burpees anywhere. 

Now that my rest week has come to a close, I am signed up for the upcoming weeks classes at the box barring no one needs an emergency haircut. I believe the squirrelliness I am experiencing will hold me accountable to those classes.

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