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CrossFit and Chiropractic: Part 2
Last we spoke (wrote), I raved about Dr. Emily and Dr. Josh at Crystal Lake Family Wellness and their ability to correct my wonky spine and neck. Though I still have have some restorative therapies to attend to, overall I am feeling like Wonder Woman flying her legendary invisible plane. Bona fide bad-ass!!
My CrossFit capacity has increased 10 fold upon my treatments at CLFW. Not only has the discomfort in my low back settled, my body feels as if it moves more efficiently. I realize I have a ways to go before I’m snatching my body weight (let’s be fair, even two-thirds my body weight), but I have the confidence to move without overthinking the aches and pains I had in my neck, back and shoulders.
Dr. Josh shed some very insightful thoughts on chiropractic impacts our ability to CrossFit that I’d like to share with you today.
~How does chiropractic care impact exercise/crossfit~
“By improving the function of the human body, we see the human body’s work capacity increase. The human body is an amazing machine and I think it is easy to forget just how amazing it truly is. One of the most amazing examples of this is when a sperm cell and an egg meet, 2 cells, and within 9-10 months those 2 cells are somehow able to perfectly divide until they become 22 billion cells. These are not 22 billion random cells either, but a perfect orchestration of cellular function, aka the miracle of life. This is where what we call innate intelligence comes from. In other words, there is a vitality and life force that exists within all living things. This innate intelligence is always within us. When this vitality is being expressed we would call this health. If vitality is being suppressed, we would describe it as sickness. If fitness, health, and sickness were thought of as on a spectrum, chiropractic and CrossFit both help push that needle towards health and eventually fitness.”
My personal thoughts are that the state in which we strive to live is with ease. Not that ‘life’ has to be easy, but we can approach our difficult tasks with a knowing our bodies can handle it. We want to move in such a way we do not have pain, discomfort or apprehension. When we live in that space of malaise, we can easily say we are living with dis-ease. (See what I did there?)
Dr. Josh continues, “Dr. Carl Baird addressed this very well: ‘CrossFit and Chiropractic complement each other very well. CrossFit and Chiropractic are both lifestyle philosophies with the ultimate goal of maximizing the potential of the human body. The two philosophies are mutually beneficial. Regular chiropractic care improves the performance of the CrossFit athlete while CrossFit workouts help sustain the benefits of chiropractic care. By combining the two programs we are able to reduce the amount of injuries suffered by athletes everywhere as well as improve the health and performance of our communities.’”
Having this information is obviously important, but acting on it can change we feel physically and mentally. Wouldn’t it be grand to walk up to the barbell, kettlebell or rower having 100% confidence that you’ll be able to walk away from it and be better for it?!?
Plus, Dr. E and Dr. J are literally within reach, so there’s no reason not to get assessed at CFLW. I highly recommend it!
Next week we’ll discuss how regular chiropractic care can prevent injuries.

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