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Listen to your body… what?!?
How often do we hear this? With aches, pains, sickness, stress, and incredibly challenging workouts, it’s as if our bodies are constantly yelling at us. Unfortunately for me, it’s a phrase I struggle to understand.
It can be hard to discern, for myself anyway, what a “You’re working hard! Keep going!!” pain compared to a “I think you’re overdoing it…” pain is, and the dreaded “Oh sh*t, I felt something snap!” pain. There are more seasoned athletes that probably read the signs much better than I.
Certainly, being in tune with what our bodies are telling us is imperative when crossfitting. It is always helpful when one of the coaches corrects our positioning or movements, but as I’ve learned, paying attention to the way my body feels is just as important.
I’m currently nursing a back injury that could have probably been prevented if I listened and understood the pain I was feeling. Coach Emily told before a WOD recently, “Stop immediately if you feel pain.” Perhaps my pain tolerance is high, perhaps I’m a stubborn old, coot that doesn’t listen to her coach or her body, or I overthink what pain is. (Good pain, bad pain, this pain, that pain..)
Needless to say, I ignored Coach Emily’s suggestion and ignored the pain because it felt ‘tolerable’ and I reignited the low back injury.
Pain is pain if you’re dealing with an injury. It is crucial to listen to any pain you might you experience and also incredibly important to listen to your coaches when they suggest dialing it back. It will literally save your ass in the long run!
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