Lose Weight And Improve Mood With One Change

Lose Weight, Gain Energy, And Improve Mood by Changing One Thing

If it is your goal to lose a few pounds, get more energy, and/or improve your overall mood, keep reading. This simple solution is the magic pill you’ve been browsing Google for. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of it, the results will speak for themselves.

Walking. Walking is one of the most overlooked, hyper effective activities that will help most individuals inch closer to their health and fitness goals. Even if you’re someone who already works out regularly, walking and low intensity sessions will be beneficial to your progress.

The benefits of walking include but are not limited to, increased energy (calories) use, mood enhancer (specially done outdoors), and increased aerobic capacity (long duration low intensity activities). Walking is inexpensive, equipment free, and doable almost anywhere you find yourself.

How to apply this quick fix to your routine? Track your steps, or add 15-30 minutes of continuous walking to your daily routine, while not changing anything else. In order for this to work and you see the direct results, do not change anything else about your already established routine.

Eat the same amount (not more), keep the same activity levels you had previously established (not less), and stay consistent with your extra steps or newly programmed walks. Take the next week to track your steps, find your daily average and increase that by at least 25%.

If you’re averaging 5000 steps per day you will be taking at least 6250 steps now, if you can do more, better. Literally change nothing else in your life other than this and you will see results within weeks. After 2-3 weeks you’ll want to up the amount of steps again in order to keep progressing. Or you could also take the same amount of steps but at a higher intensity (running instead of walking). Through time your body will adapt and you’ll need to adjust, be ready for that when the time comes.

Add a walk or more steps to your daily routine and see the magic happen. THe most important part of this formula is to maintain long-term consistency. If you’re looking for the easiest next step (punny), this is it!

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