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On Booty Shorts and Shirtless Men
Ok, ok, we’ll keep this (co)blog rate G, despite the title.  This past week, both of us (Janice and Robert) hit a milestone of sorts.  Janice wore booty shorts to the box and Robert did a WoD without a shirt.  Shocking, we know!  Anyways, following that, we were discussing our experiences and saw that they were quite related to each other; hence, the idea of a co-blog this week was born.  Robert asked Janice several questions and Janice asked Robert several questions.  Here are our responses.
J:  How did it feel being topless for the first time? What was going through your head? And now that it’s over, did you enjoy it?
R:  To be honest, after it was off, my head was so into the WoD that I wanted to just finish up the WoD.  In terms of feel though, it felt nice to not have a shirt on that had so much sweat on it that the shirt was glued onto me.  My other thought was “Ohhhh!  THIS is why guys do that.”  It made the WoD much more comfortable to do.  I wasn’t planning on it, but after the first round of running/sprawls/cleans, I had a split second of hesitation of “oh my god, there are other people here, should I do this?”, but that passed quickly after the next round started.
I’m also glad I didn’t blind anyone with my lack of a suntan.
J:  Do you feel like you’ve moved past the awkwardness/insecurity of being topless? Please explain.
R:  No, not at all.  I’m not sure that will ever pass.  But it was a huge step forward.  Even the most buffest person probably has some sort of insecurity.  I think I’ve demonstrated to myself that I can work to overcome a fear of something.  Be that doing some sort of Olympic lift, or doing a WoD without a shirt on.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who are content and happy with how their bodies are just the way they are and feel attractive.  That just was not me.  Body positivity is fantastic, but it’s also okay to say, “I’m not happy with how my body feels and I want to work to change it”.  So I have worked a lot on that to the point that I felt comfortable doing it.  I think I’ll always be awkward/insecure to an extent though.
J:  And what would you say to someone who’s lost significant weight and wants to go topless?
R:  Try it.  It will make the WoD feel a lot less uncomfortable.  Even if one hasn’t lost weight, do what’s comfortable for you (provided you don’t break public nudity laws and get arrested…)
R:  What made you wear your booty shorts the day you wore them?
J:  The other day I wore those booty shorts kind of by accident. I was feeling secure and strong after my shower and thought I’d wear them. But as time passed by, my insecurities set in and I wanted to change. But there was a wasp in the bedroom where all my clothes were and my fear of bees far outweighed my fear of booty shorts!
R:  So I don’t think you wore them just for the sake of wearing them. But for you, what was the bigger meaning in wearing them?  Did that symbolize something for you (aside from your ass looking good in booty shorts)?
J:  When I see the other lady athletes wearing their booty shorts, it inspires me. They work so hard and people tell me I do too. Ironically when I wore them the other day, my partner said it looked like I meant business. Which made me feel much better about wearing them.
 To me it symbolizes strength, independence, hard work and the ability to forego donuts for a few weeks
 R:  Did that make you feel different at all?
J:  It made me feel powerful however now I’m beating myself up because today was a donut day. Now I feel like it’ll be winter before I’m ready to wear those shorts again. Boo hoo.
R: What would you say to others who haven’t worn their booty shorts?
J:  Don’t hold back, ladies!! We work hard and deserve to feel free of any insecurities. Wear those shorts proudly and let your booty free!
 R:  What color of booty shorts do you prefer?
J:  Probably black. It matches my soul.  However I did see some rad David Bowie booty shorts. I’d wear the heck outta those!
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