Real Magic of CrossFit is not your Score

Flashback to around six years ago: I graduated college two months previous and had moved to a brand-new town where I knew a total of zero people, all to start my career. I found a Box with good coaching credentials and walked in. Now, I had been active in sports my whole life and had be a member of a “pseudo-CrossFit” gym back home but in my third class within my first week of official CrossFit attendance and I’m fighting through my first “Fran” (RXed no less) and things are getting real. The 21 thrusters reminded me eerily of Sisyphus, the pull-ups felt great at first but then the round of 15’s came… well, if you have ever had the pleasure of doing 21-15-9 Thrusters (95#/65#), then you know… It sucked. I hit a horrible wall and I was regretting everything about all of my life choices. Then I hear my coach cheering me on, and then I hear the rest of my class that had already finished, encouraging me forward. Even though exhausted, each and every person in the class abstained from cowering in a ball on the floor, waited to get water, and cheered until my very last rep. I fell in love that day, not with a movement or a workout, but with a community. We are all competitors, and yet all family, all a support system to build each other up on our worst days and hold each of us up on all the others. I do remember my score (mainly because I wrote it down – hint hint) but what I remember most is how I felt, absolutely exhausted yes, but also empowered and loved. To me, that is the essence of CrossFit and the community we have built. We all want the best score, we all want to be better than yesterday, and yet we know it is possible to do both and to still be loving, caring, supportive human beings. I am proud of what we have, every time I walk into the Box I know I’m around family. I hope to never lose sight of the real magic of what is done in the gym, and it’s not merely a score written on the whiteboard.

Coach Emily Northup

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