Returning To Crossfit After Time Off

Getting Back On Track

Sometimes life happens and we are forced to take time off from training, other times it’s voluntary. Regardless of the motive, the important thing is to eventually get back on track. By eventually I mean, ASAP. How do you get back to crossfit after having been inactive for a few months or even years?

Before you even step back into the gym there is something you have to realize and accept in order to avoid unnecessary frustration. You are a beginner again. You’ve been inactive for an extended period of time and you currently do not have the capacity and ability you did when you were consistently attending classes at the box. Lean on your coach and follow his/her advice. In order to avoid getting hurt and safely progress you will need to rebuild.

The good thing is that you will be back at your previous fitness level much sooner than it originally took you to get there. If you were already doing strict pull ups, but now have lost that strength. The strength to do so again will come back much sooner than it took to originally build. The same is true for your gymnastics skills as much as your lifting abilities.

The other good thing is that if you’re a beginner again, you can build back better. Improve your movement pattern from the bottom up. A more solid foundation will benefit you plenty in the long run. Rebuild your mindset. You know better now, you’ve been here before. Quality over quantity is our goal now.

Once you’re ready to hop back on, the next step is to make it as easy as possible. Block out the times in your calendar that you will be going to class. Make this decision before you get a chance to second guess yourself. And every time you feel unsure if you really want to do this, think of why you’re doing it. A strong Why will always overcome obstacles made up in your head.

Finding an accountability buddy will be a great way to keep you engaged as well. Find someone that wants to start training again and make a commitment to each other that you will go this journey together. Or it could be someone that already regularly works out, and is willing to help keep you accountable. Crossfitters LOVE company.

Most importantly, begin. Take the step, make the move. Don’t wait for a perfect moment, those rarely come. Start building momentum with grit and discipline. Eventually it will be an easy ride and you will be happy you picked back up and excited for where your health and fitness is headed.

P.S. I want to reiterate the importance of not trying to pick back up right where you left off. Your lifetime PR will not be your current PR, that’s okay. You’ll have new PRs soon enough. In the meantime focus on what’s important, showing up and putting in the work, consistently.

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