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As many of you know, I am starting a sober active community within the box in the next month or so. I am doing this through a non-profit organization ironically called The Phoenix based out of Denver, Colorado. Started by two men in 2006, The Phoenix has grown to 26,000 members nation-wide with several brick and mortar facilities in the US.

I am so eager to do this for so many reasons but mostly because I wan to give the gift of recovery plus Crossfit to people that struggle with the same demons I know so well. There is still so much stigma that goes along with being an alcoholic or drug addict, even if in recovery. Many people will argue that it is sheer willpower that we lack and how we’re so adept at making terrible choices repeatedly. In my own personal experience, I couldn’t tell you how many drinks I would have. I could promise one or two, but inevitably was often so much more. And for the handful of times I had fun whilst under the influence, I chased that dragon time and time again trying to recreate the feeling of being care free and the feeling of being the most important person in the room (which, clearly, I was not but drugs can have that effect.)

Getting sober wasn’t easy and having long term sobriety is even more challenging. Especially if one doesn’t want to adhere to a specific program such as Alcoholic or Narcotics Anonymous. I believe in these programs but there are scores of people that have tried it, know people that have tried it or are just not willing to try it, and I appreciate that. There are also faith-based recovery services but I don’t have much experience with those. Which is another reason why I am excited to get the sober community off the ground. This is an opportunity to give people in recovery a safe, welcoming place to be active and friendly with others in recovery.

My goal in all of this is to be a source of help, guidance, accountability and fun. Not only am I looking forward to hosting the class, but even more stoked I may be coaching it (God willing I pass my L1!)

It’s been said being of service to others is our soul purpose in life. To be honest, I struggle with it a bit. I like my ‘me’ time, but too much of ‘me’ and I get squirrelly. I’m hoping this is a way to give back to the two communities that have helped me tremendously, a way to inspire and make a positive impact on the lives of others in recovery.

My name is Janice and I’m a sober, active person in recovery.

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