The Formula For Long-Term Health (Exercise)

The Formula For Long-Term Health

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, our lives become easier (sort of). In the past human beings struggled to live longer. In the present human beings are struggling to live better. We are quickly learning that the sooner we begin to address our personal health and wellbeing, the better off we will be in our later years.

There’s a common misconception of old age being synonymous with poor health. This has become a false truth because it is so common to see our older populations relying on daily medications and external support to get through basic human tasks. This is not the result of an accumulation of years. This is the result of an accumulation of poor health choices throughout the years.

We know the problem, lack of health in the latter part of our life. We even know the solution, consistently leading a healthy lifestyle. But how can we actually achieve a healthy lifestyle if we already have such a busy life and no real education on what this lifestyle will look like. Here are two crucial steps that will give you a massive head start: Enjoyment and Support.

Find an activity that you enjoy. There HAS to be something. Crossfit, Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates, Crossfit, Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit, not Zumba (kidding), Crossfit, Swimming, Crossfit, or maybe even Crossfit. All jokes aside, if you have not found a fitness activity that you genuinely enjoy practicing, you haven’t tried enough of them or you haven’t tried them long enough. There’s no better way of finding out the temperature of the water than by getting your feet wet. Jump in and enjoy!

The other crucial step in adopting a healthy lifestyle is to do it with the support of peers, guides, coaches, etc. Once you have found “your thing” find people to do it with. If you both enjoy doing said activity you will likely enjoy doing it more, with each other. The benefits of partner or group activities are tremendous and exponentially beneficial to all involved. Grab a friend and start your health journey, keep yourselves accountable to each other. If you do not have a buddy who is ready to make this change in your life, then surround yourself with people who are already doing the activity you want to instill in your life. You will be nervous at first, but soon you will adapt to and adopt the culture of your new friends and mentors.

Need help finding people to interact with and mesh with? Google: “X Activity Near Me”. Facebook: “X Group In (Your Town)”. Or literally drive to a fitness facility near you and begin interacting with the people there. Take the next step, your future you will thank you for it.

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