The Secret To Achieving Fitness Progress

The Secret To Achieving Fitness Progress

The secret to achieving fitness progress is not a real secret, more like an ignored reality. If you’re in a hurry I’ll give you the answer in the next word, Consistency. You can stop reading and go now, go be consistent.

The common denominator between all healthy and fit individuals is not their choice of exercise type, program, nor nutrition philosophy. It’s their consistency over time. If you want to achieve something great in the fitness realm (or even achieve something remotely great), you must be prepared to show up and put in some work, often and for a long-time. 

Too often, more experienced exercisers begin looking too far into the details of programming, macro-nutrient breakdown, and recovery hacks. They forget that what actually has gotten them to their current fitness level is the amount of time they have been consistently showing up and putting in the work. This is not to say that there is no value in paying attention to the previous details of fitness, but that’s a conversation for a different post.

The most important takeaway from this post is for novice athletes or those on the fence of beginning a workout routine is to know that the most important factor and biggest contributor to your results will be your discipline to continuously show up often and long-term. The reason fit people are fit has less to do with what type of creatine they drink and more to do with how much effort and consistency they invest every day.

If you don’t know where to start, google, “Where do I start my fitness journey.” If you need help or guidance reach out to already fit people or even better, a fitness professional that has already helped others move closer to their fitness goals.

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