Three Tips For Beginner Crossfitters

Three Tips For Beginning Crossfit

Here are three basic tips for anyone who is looking to make the dive and try out crossfit for the first time, or anyone who recently began working out at a Crossfit gym. Following these three tips will ensure that you have the best experience possible, and keep you engaged with the training regimen.

One of the biggest obstacles keeping people from starting crossfit is the fear of not knowing how to work out. One of the best things about Crossfit gyms is that they are filled with great coaches who are passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. Even better, everyone of these coaches were once new to crossfit and had to learn the movements themselves. This makes it easy for them to relate to new athletes and meet them where they are and help them improve their fitness. Even crossfit coaches and elite athletes continue working to improve their craft. Anyone that claims to have perfected their ability and capacity is not someone you want guiding you.

Tip #1: Don’t expect to be an expert anytime soon.

One of the most common recurring themes when asking people how they have managed to keep crossfitting for so many years consecutively is The Community. Crossfit is famous for its like family tight knit community. When you become part of a crossfit box you can expect to be greeted and welcomed by all as if you have been friends your whole life. It is not uncommon for people to meet their lifelong significant others in a crossfit gym, people with similar interests outside of working out, and friendships that last a lifetime.

Tip #2: Socialize. Don’t hold back. Become involved in the community and participate in box events.

The biggest reason people do not see results following a fitness program, including crossfit, is the lack of consistency and patience. In a world where we have almost anything we need and want at the palm of our hands in a manner of seconds we have grown accustomed to a lack of patience. Back in the day AOL (if you’re that old) took a whole minute to load one page, on a good day. Today Google solves any issue with him with just the sound of our voice. If we take this mentality to the gym, we will have a bad time. Our human bodies did not accelerate in developing the way technology has the past 3 decades. We still have to consistently show up, put in the work, recover, be patient, and get the results months/years from now.

Tip #3: Commit. Be in it for the long haul, from the start. Know that this is not a quick fix, it’s a permanent solution that requires your full effort constantly and consistently.

These are useful tips for anyone about to begin crossfit, anyone who just started crossfit, and really anyone who’s looking to have the best experience possible. Find a gym that feels like home, and make it better than it already is, with your presence and attitude.

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