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Tis The Season!

 Do you know what operating at a high vibration means? As humans, we vibrate energetically at a particular frequency, according to the Huffington Post. The article goes on to state the higher your frequency vibrates, the more you feel peace, joy, love and freedom. At a lower frequency, you may experience physical pain and discomfort, and problems feel much heavier and goals seem out of reach. 

Did you know that gratitude is one of the highest vibrations a person can feel? Expressing gratitude for the people and things in your life that bring you peace, joy or empowerment raises your frequency to the highest level. Forgiveness, understanding and compassion are other emotions in which raise your vibrational energies too. 

First, start your day with a positive affirmation like “I have peace, love and serenity in my life and I want others to have it too.” Ask the higher power of your understanding for guidance and direction. Give thanks for another day and send healing thoughts to those suffering. Finally, ask to be of service to someone who may need it. Doing this after waking up will instantly raise your vibrational energy and set the tone for more peace throughout the day. 

Second, as the day goes on, be mindful of thoughts that occur. Judgement may rise, anger may appear or resentment can wash over you. And all of this usually happens in the car on the way to work! But when these emotions arise and you are conscious of it, you can make the choice to sit in discomfort or choose understanding, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude. 

It is easy for us to justify our anger, such as “That jerk cut me off!” Or “My significant other left dishes in the sink!” But how does that anger serve us? It doesn’t. Shifting your perspective from anger to forgiveness or gratitude not only serves the other person you’re angry with, it serves you and your vibrational frequency to something positive. Maybe the person that cut you off didn’t see you or they are on their way to see a sick family member. Or maybe they are just a jerk, but that’s on them, not you. If your significant other neglected the dishes in the sink, remind yourself that he made a delicious meal and that he has cleaned up after you many times in the past. There is no reason to give your peace away if someone else tries to steal it. 

Finally, always end your day with a few moments of quiet time to express gratitude for another day well lived. If there were moments in your day you could have done better, ask for forgiveness. Send love and healing vibes to the people in your life and send love to yourself for doing your best. 

It may be the season of giving thanks and giving gifts, but everyday is a day to be grateful for the people and things in your life. Sending the gift of love and compassion is free and it fits everybody. 

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