Welcome to our Coaching Staff Sean Roark

What drew you to Crossfit?

I was in Memphis, Tennessee, for a week long training class for my job and at the time, had a membership to Anytime Fitness. One of the guys in my training class asked if he could tag along when I went to work out so he joined me.  Without knowing anything about Crossfit, my workouts consisted of 5 rounds of 5 exercises for whatever part of the body I needed to work that day. I would perform the different movements back-to-back through all five, then rest a couple minutes and repeat. The guy from class was a Crossfitter and asked if I had ever tried it. I replied no; and he asked if I wanted to try a workout the next day, so I agreed to go. “Cindy” was the WOD that day, and I about died but enjoyed it. When I got back the next week, I walked into a box while they were doing 15.4, and signed up for a free week.  Then, I went every day that week and did 15.5(RX!) on Friday.  It took me 27 minutes but I finished. I couldn’t walk for 3 days but I’ve been hooked ever since!

What do you like most about Crossfit?

Three words! – Intensity, Variety, and Community! For me the intensity relieves stress and the variety keeps me involved.  No matter how well a WOD went one day, the next day will provide an opportunity for improvement.  The Crossfit community is like no other, in that you form a bond born from a shared experience of trying to improve at something really hard!  I try to drop into boxes whenever I travel and have had a similar experience everywhere I’ve gone.

What are your interests outside of Crossfit?

I like to read quite a bit and I will eventually finish my Psychology degree. I like anything out in nature; kayaking, bike riding, hiking…etc. I also like to travel whenever possible.

Professional and Coaching experience?

I work for the greatest logistics company in the world: Federal Express! I started out as a part-time handler at O’Hare almost 10 years ago, and have worked a number of positions within the company to get me to where I am today.  I first started coaching my brother’s baseball team when I was 15, and have been coaching various baseball and football youth teams since then. I have also done personal training in my past. I just received my CF-L1 on August 19, 2018. I have been CrossFitting for almost three years but I am really a big fan of the sport and almost immediately started reading and watching videos and breaking them down. I have always enjoyed helping others reach their goals!

Athletic Experience: I have always been physically active.  I played three sports in high school as well as an alternate on the track team in the 50 and 100, although I was always much faster with a ball in my hand and the ability to hit someone back. It turns out they really frown on tackling in track!  I also studied martial arts from the age of 8 until I was 19. I have remained active my whole life but nothing has ever grabbed and held my focus the way Crossfit has!

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