We’re On Youtube!

Hello cyber world! I know that we are a tad late to the party (just by a few years), but we now finally have a Youtube channel! It seems like everyone that’s anyone has a Youtube channel, and we’re definitely SOMEONE! If you are so kind please subscribe to our channel (look for Crossfit Phoenix 815 on Youtube), and thumbs up our videos if you’re compelled to do so or leave a comment as well.

Our main goal with our channel is to help you with valuable content that will benefit your health and wellness. We believe that healthier people make happier people, and happier people make a better world. Another goal we have is to expose you to what happens inside the walls of Crossfit Phoenix 815 and how it all translates into the world we live in (mainly our community).

I have recorded an initial video as our “Intro To Our Channel” video. The video is titled “We are Youtubers!” feel free to give it a watch and let me know what you think. This is a unique video I believe because of a few things. The video was recorded sporadically, no script, and not even a template. I was thinking about how I have been thinking about starting a Youtube channel for the gym. Then I realized that I had been putting it off for one major reason, it made me UNCOMFORTABLE. 

When you create and post content online you are exposing yourself to almost the literal world. Millions of people will have immediate access to your creation. Now I realize that it is extremely unlikely that a million people will watch my videos, it is still uncomfortable to do something that you’re not skillful at and post it for your peers and some strangers to see. This is the reason I had put this off (and because I procrastinate).

Then it hit me! How many times have prospects told me that they are “thinking about joining the gym”, they are “going to call me back tomorrow”, or “as soon as winter (insert season of choice) is over they’ll get started”? Many times. Many, many times. It always baffled me, “Why don’t these people just start?”, “Don’t you know how amazing it feels to consistently workout?!” Then I realized, it’s scary, uncomfortable, and tough to walk into a Crossfit gym not being “fit enough”.

To make a long story short, I will never ask someone to do something that I am not willing to do. I too have to become uncomfortable if I will be asking others to do so. This is my first step, what’s yours?

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