Which Is The Best Gym?

“Fitness Facility” is a broad term used for… fitness facilities. But just as not all vehicles are equal in capacity, price, functionality, and many other factors; neither are fitness facilities. A fitness facility at minimum provides a physical location for individuals to practice physical activities. Think globo gyms, yoga studios, YMCAs, Crossfit boxes, and others alike. And while all the previously mentioned fall under the umbrella of Fitness Facility, they all have a uniqueness to their offering. None are intrinsically better or worse than any other, they are just different. That’s an amazing thing because human beings tend to be different. They have different needs, different desires, different tastes, etc.

Going a little deeper into this rabbit hole, not all Crossfit Affiliates are equal. Meaning that the affiliate that you attend might be a great fit for you, but not a great fit for me. Even Crossfitters who share many similarities, such as: passion for fitness, love for a healthy challenge, and hate for Dave Castro (kidding, mostly); also have differentiating needs, desires, and tastes. Not all Crossfit Affiliates are created equal.

You will often hear, “We have the best community!”, “We have the best facility!”, “We have the best programming!”, bla bla bla. What people really mean when they make these claims is that they have the best community for others like them, they have the best facility for others like them, and the best programming for others like… THEM! And this is great. It’s great for an athlete, coach, and box owner to be proud of his/her box. For him/her to feel like that box is the best box in the world. It means that they have found what works best for them!

The best will be defined by what is most valuable to you. Some people will value convenience, is my gym close to my home or on my way from work? Some will value pricing, is my gym allowing me to stay within my personal health budget? And others still, will value coaching, is this gym providing me with feedback that will ensure my safety and enhance my performance for the long run (avoiding injuries as much as possible). There are many other ways to differentiate your perfect gym from all the others. 

I invite you to truly analyze your current choice of fitness facility. Is it a crossfit gym, traditional gym, boxing gym, or something else? Is it fulfilling your current fitness needs along with the perks you value most? If you feel completely satisfied then please give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate where you are. If it’s a facility that you like but don’t love, I first invite you to try and change what is bothering you or what the missing piece is. To do this you can talk to management, see if they can work with you, you might be surprised at the results. You are already at a place you like, why leave if you can make it a place you love? If talking to management doesn’t work, it might be time to look for a better fit for you. Try a different discipline, sport, or facility. Shop around looking for the qualities that will fulfill your needs and wants.

People are surprised when I say this, Crossfit is not for everyone, but fitness is. Find your go-to fitness facility and lead a healthy lifestyle that will truly improve your quality of life along with the life of all those who interact with you.

P.S. You won’t know if Crossfit is for you, until you try it (consistently and for 3-6 months minimum). 

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