Why You Should Not Compete In The Crossfit Open

Why You Should Not Compete In The Crossfit Open

The date is January 19, 2023 and we are officially 28 days from the 2023 No Bull Crossfit Games Open Competition. A question that gets asked every year is, “Should I, or should I not compete in the Open?” The answer will depend on your specific situation. We are all in different places in our fitness journey and life really. So competing in the Crossfit Open might not be a good idea for you if:

  • You do not have access to the equipment or a facility with the equipment that will be used this year.
  • You despise Crossfit.
  • You have a tendency to move poorly and not meet the standards for the exercises prescribed (and have no desire to do so).
  • You are currently rehabbing an injury that limits your physical capacities to compete.
  • You have no care in the world to measure your fitness against your peers, your past self, or your future self when the opportunity arises once more.

This is as complete of a list of general reasons why competing in this year’s Open would not be a good idea. Notice that none of the reasons talk about:

  • “I’ve never done it before”
  • “I’m new to Crossfit”
  • “I haven’t prepared well enough for it”
  • “I won’t make it to the Games”
  • (Insert silly reason for not taking advantage of this great opportunity)

Stay tuned to learn about Why You Should Compete In The Crossfit Open.

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